Easier SAP ME: Low-Code App Development for streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency



If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you understand the importance of keeping production processes efficient and effective. One way to achieve this is by leveraging SAP ME with low-code and easily build better manufacturing solutions.

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, outdated processes and legacy systems like SAP ERP can hinder growth and efficiency. As demands increase, it’s essential to find new ways to optimize operations and empower your business, and IT teams to work smarter, not harder. At the heart of our vision is a no-code/low-code app development approach that addresses the unique challenges of SAP ME.

Neptune Software offers a solution that streamlines processes and provides real-time insights, empowering your end users to work from anywhere with easy-to-use digital solutions that keep your business lines running smoothly. By embracing no-code/low-code, you can accelerate technology onboarding, especially [Fiori] app development, by 10x, optimize supply chains, maximize line usage, and cut costs with easy-to-use business apps designed specifically for your business and governed by your IT.

Our customers understand how an ‘app factory approach’ [IT is meeting the demands from the departments and creating any digital solution fast], with the help of low-code can make SAP app development truly easy and result in productivity on all sides. For example, New Zealand food production giant Fonterra saved $3.08 million by mobilizing its maintenance teams with apps built using low-code. Rust-Oleum partnered with Neptune to create 40+ apps in just four months. Their daily warehouse dollars increased by $14K by going 100% paperless. Hauni, a German manufacturer, created over 100 SAP and non-SAP apps built in-house, boosting employee and customer satisfaction by pushing out paper to make room for real-time data access.

Let’s take a closer look at some ways SAP ME, and easy manufacturing solutions can benefit your business.

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Vendor Portal Solutions

Managing supply chains can be challenging, especially when using multiple portals. That’s where Neptune Software comes in. Upgrade your standard Fiori launchpad and build a single vendor portal to deal with all your suppliers so administrators can order, replenish stock, and pay with just a few clicks. This solution can help you make your employees’ jobs easier and wrangle mounting admin costs. Discover a real company example here.

Asset maintenance made so much easier

Asset maintenance can be complex, especially when a part needs to be serviced offsite or replaced with an alternative. Interrupting production is inconvenient, so any general maintenance needs to happen seamlessly. With the help of an app with a camera or an Augmented Reality field guide, teams can pinpoint issues and recognize how to service the equipment in minutes, not hours. Monitor and maintain your manufacturing equipment to ensure optimal performance and uptime. Discover a real company example here.

Service Requests – on any end device

When an employee spots something wrong onsite, they’ll often need specialist support. IT teams that build offline Fiori apps with a low-code platform that can empower employees to access the mobile apps on any end device instantly request assistance onsite, no matter where and no matter the connection. Bring in specialists faster while your employee is there, and save time, energy, and resources. Discover a real company example here.

Shifts & Handover Notes

Whenever your floor managers change shifts, they need to pass on any important information or updates to their replacement. With a single-screen app, floor managers can take photos, create tasks and workflows, and add alerts for the next shift manager in seconds—no mistakes, no miscommunication. Discover a real company example here.

Digital Employee Self-Service – Easy SAP ESS/MSS

Every day, your employees clock in and out and submit time-off requests, among other tasks. With Neptune Software’s low-code platform, you can empower your employees with digital self-service options that provide round-the-clock transparency in SAP ESS/MSS. This solution can help you streamline HR tasks and improve employee satisfaction. Discover a real company example here.

Integrated planning and scheduling

Low-Code manufacturing solutions offer integrated planning and scheduling capabilities that enable you to optimize your production process. This allows you to make better use of your resources, reduce lead times, and improve on-time delivery. Discover a real company example here.

Shop floor management

With low-code manufacturing apps, you can offer real-time visibility into your shop floor operations, allowing you to track work in progress and identify and resolve issues as they arise. This can help you reduce downtime and increase productivity. Discover a real company example here. Discover a real company example here.

Quality management

Easy-to-use digital solutions provide comprehensive quality management capabilities, enabling you to monitor and maintain quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. This helps you reduce defects and improve overall product quality. Discover a real company example here. Discover a real company example here.

Analytics and reporting with easy dashboards

Easily build dashboards that offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities, giving you real-time insight into your manufacturing operations. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations. Discover a real company example here.


In conclusion, by leveraging Neptune Software’s no-code/low-code platform, you can transform your SAP ME (manufacturing execution and solutions) and easily overcome the unique challenges of your industry, saving time and money. With our low-code app development solution, you can create a sustainable and maintainable digital future built on efficiency and performance. Whether you need a vendor portal, maintenance app, service request solution, shift handover app, or digital employee self-service – low-code and no-code provide a solution that can help you create your digital solutions faster, streamline processes and optimize operations at the same time.

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