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SAP Low-Code/No-Code

Exclusive report and roadmap to effectively harness SAP low-code/no-code enterprise app development and empower your organization to stay ahead of the curve.

Discover the power of SAP low-code/no-code app development through our comprehensive study in partnership with SAPinsider. Uncover insights from 141 global IT professionals across industries on how businesses are using low-code for easier application creation, deployment, and maintenance. Dive into key trends, adoption barriers, and success strategies that can reshape the way you approach digital transformation with low-code and no-code.

Study Highlights:

  • Understand the significance of time-to-market in today’s competitive landscape
  • Explore the rising adoption of no-code, low-code platforms across SAP and non-SAP environments
  • Unveil the top drivers and challenges shaping the adoption of this game-changing technology
  • Learn how to navigate security, privacy, and compliance concerns for successful implementation
  • Uncover the key steps to build a successful SAP low-code/no-code strategy

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SAP Fiori

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About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 730 enterprise customers and over 4 million licensed end users globally that empowers IT departments to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. Neptune DXP provides a fast and cost-effective way to industrialize the development of custom applications – saving companies time and money on development, integration, and operations.